Real Talk
Sun, March 10, 2019 at 1:50 PMJoychen

I can not stay quiet anymore…

You know… I went to 3 concerts of the #PostTraumaticTour [Cologne (last year), Hannover & Hamburg (last week)] and some of the fans are so aggressive and angry! I mean… like hell! I actually fainted because of those people on Tuesday. 

I am just 16 years old and small and they just squashed me! How should I have fun at the concert with people like them? Oh god… 

I thought we are all fans of LP and Mike and I thought we were a Family and take care of each other… 

I am really disappointed. They also acted like every Show was THEIR OWN. I mean… what the hell? 

I guess, Mike, Rob, Dave, Joe, Brad & Chester would be disappointed, too. 

Greetings, JD.