LPU M&G F.A.Q. - 2017
Thu, May 4, 2017 at 5:43 PMLPU HQ


Please read carefully.

How can I enter the Meet & Greet Lottery?
Go to the CONTESTS page, select the show you are attending, and click the “LPU M&G” button on the page.

How does the "lottery" system work?
Once the lottery has closed, we RANDOMLY select people to attend the Meet & Greet approximately 1 week before the show. The number of people chosen depends on the show.

If I have a Guaranteed Meet & Greet, what should I do to use it?
If at some point, you were given a guaranteed Meet & Greet (for whatever reason) the best way to find out if its still valid is to contact LPU HQ by emailing us at

I submitted my email as requested for redeeming a Guaranteed Meet & Greet for this tour cycle. Should I expect a confirmation response or not? Should I also ENTER for the meet & greet on
Yes, you will receive a response via email eventually. Please ALSO enter the Meet & Greet lottery through the CONTESTS page.

Is it still possible to get a Guaranteed Meet & Greet now?

No. The only way to get a Guaranteed Meet & Greet is if you were given one in the past. You must enter via the CONTESTS page for a chance to be selected in the Meet & Greet Lottery.

Can I buy a pass to attend a Meet & Greet?
Yes. For the first time ever, the band is offering the option to purchase Premium Ticket Packages and Enhanced Experiences for select tour dates only, which include a Meet & Greet. This will in no way affect the number of LPU participants selected through the lottery. Look for the "Premium Ticket Packages" and "Enhanced Experiences" button on the EVENTS page.

How and when will I know that I have been selected for a Meet & Greet?
You will receive an email approximately 2 to 7 days before the show if you are chosen. DO NOT contact LPUHQ to ask if you are selected. You will be contacted if you are selected.

How many people will be selected for a Meet & Greet?
It just depends on a number of variables. The number varies from show to show based on how much room we have or how much time we have.

Can I see how many "guaranteed" Meet & Greet sign ups have been submitted for the show I am attending?
No. That number is not made public because that number can change right up until the last minute.

Is it possible to be selected for a Meet & Greet at 2 different shows?
We do our very best to include as many new people as possible. So if you have already been selected for a Meet & Greet on the current tour, you will most likely not be selected again during the tour. This is so more fans have the opportunity to meet the band.

If I am selected, can I bring somebody with me to the Meet & Greet?
No. Meet & Greets are only for those people selected. The ONLY exception we make is if a child is selected (13 years and under) and they need a parent to go with, OR if you have a disability requiring special assistance. Contact LPU HQ by emailing us at for this inquiry.

I was selected but I want to give my pass to my friend, is it possible?
No. Meet & Greet passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE. No exceptions.

How long will the Meet & Greet experience last?
The time varies from show to show. The entire Meet & Greet process (check in, line up, meeting the band) can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If selected for a Meet & Greet, how do I know where and when to meet?

After receiving your confirmation email, you will receive a follow up email the day before or on the day of the show. This email will detail the location and time of the Meet & Greet. If you do not have access to your email on the day of the show, you can ask the box office 3 hours prior to show time where and when the Meet & Greet will take place.

Do I need something to prove the fact that I'm an LPU member and I was selected for the Meet & Greet? (For example: any documents, ID, printed e-mails, LPU T-shirt, LPU laminate)
You will need to bring:

-A print out of your Meet & Greet confirmation email

-A photo ID (passport, drivers license, etc.).

-You DO NOT need to have a current LPU laminate to attend a Meet & Greet, but you must be a current member on the day of the Meet & Greet.

Can I give any kind of gifts to the band? And what will happen to the gift later?
Yes. It is advised you keep your gifts small so the band has room to bring them home. All gifts are saved and brought back to Los Angeles. Please note you may have to hand your gift to a Linkin Park crew member prior to entering the Meet & Greet room.

How many items can I give to the band to be sign?
You are allowed ONE ITEM to be signed. There will be absolutely no exceptions. This is to make sure everyone has time to get something signed.

Can I have a second item signed by the band for my friend / girlfriend / boyfriend / brother / sister / etc.?
No. Again, you may bring ONE item to be signed. No exceptions.

Is it possible to have different items signed by different band members? (For example: Fort Minor CD to be signed by Mike, Dead By Sunrise CD to be signed by Chester, Transformers toy to be signed by Joe and so on).

To make the process easier and quicker, we would ask that you please only bring ONE item, however you may bring more than one and have each band member sign a different thing. Again, the band, other LPU members, and the crew would appreciate it if you could keep it to ONE item.

I don't have anything to be signed; can I buy something at the Meet & Greet?
At select tour dates, LPU CD’s will be available for sale at the Meet & Greet. The CD’s cost $10 (or the equivalent in your local currency). Cash or credit card will be accepted.

Can I take a photo of the band while I'm in line and they are signing items for other LPU members?

We will NOT be allowing individual photos or group photos with the band at the Meet & Greet due to time constraints. Please refrain from taking photos with your camera or smart phone. You must keep all mobile devices in your pocket. We will be taking various photos around the Meet & Greet room and upload them HERE. Please don't ask for a personal photo with the band, as we won't be able to accommodate.

Will I be able to take pictures with the band?
Individual one-on-one photos with the band are NOT permitted. There is a limited amount of time for the Meet & Greet. This is in order to ensure everyone has a chance to meet the band.

I have additional questions. What should I do?

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact LPU HQ via email at Please make sure you read these F.A.Q. thoroughly before doing so.