Battle Symphony - Out Now

Battle Symphony - Out Now

Linkin Park | 6 Comments

On yomarques said:

Thank you so much for this... It's beautiful!

On mariajoao said:

Love this song!!! In this moment, I'm hearing "my Battle Symphony" over and over again!!! Love you, LP!!!

On IronSoldier16 said:

I love the tone of the Chester's voice here, more calm, more beautiful, more personal. The landscapes are amazing and they are going pretty good with the lyrics.

On furstar_av_glas said:

I love! Seriously, Chester's voice here is amazing!

On IronSoldier16 said:

I've seen a mistake. Can someone change "I been searching..." For "I've been searching.."

On Icarus1234 said:

I really love this song, its beautiful words and music, such a different change from other lp music

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