One More Light Tour - North America: Register for Access to Pre-sale Tickets

One More Light Tour - North America: Register for Access to Pre-sale Tickets

Linkin Park | 4 Comments

Get ready for the summer 2017 #OneMoreLight North American Tour (announcing soon). We want tickets to get in the hands of real fans, not scalpers or bots, so register for our #VerifiedFan presale powered by Ticketmaster and stay tuned for a full announcement:

All fans, including LPU members, need to register in order to get access to pre-sale tickets. If you are an LPU member, you received an email with more details.

How does #VerifiedFan work?

1. Register for the Linkin Park pre-sale powered by Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan.
2. Improve your spot in line by buying One More Light, getting friends to register, or sharing the program.
3. The day before the pre-sale, login to your account to find out your spot in line. All Linkin Park registrants will be separated into 4 different tiers, each with their own purchase window.
4. Qualifying registrants will receive unique offer codes via web, email, and text message 2-4 hours before the presale begins.
5. Buy tickets without worrying about bots or scalpers.
On noelwolf said:

Where do you register? I have an LPU account but those credentials do not work when I enter them into the pop-up box that appears after clicking "". I looked on the Ticketmaster site and can't fidn any info there either.


On ksetier said:

Ticketmaster site will not allow login as LPU member.

On ksetier said:

I am an LPU member, but did not receive an email with more details.

On albalopez said:

I have preorder the album digitally from itunes. and renewed my subscription. how do I apply all that here so I gt ahead on the pre-sale thing.

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