One More Light World Tour - North America

One More Light World Tour - North America

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We're excited to announce the #OneMoreLight North American Tour coming to a city near you this summer with very special guest Machine Gun Kelly. Register for pre-sale tickets now:

Presale Date: May 9th (Fans and LPU members must register here:

General On Sale Date: May 12th

We want our tickets to get in the hands of real fans, not scalpers and bots. Register now for our Verified Fan pre-sale powered by Ticketmaster: Everyone, including current LPU members, need to register in order to get access to the pre-sale.

How does Verified Fan work?

1. Register for the Linkin Park presale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan:
2. Improve your spot in line by buying One More Light, getting friends to register, or sharing the program
3. The day before the presale, login to your account to find out your spot in line. All Linkin Park registrants will be separated into 4 different tiers, each with their own purchase window.
4. Qualifying registrants will receive unique offer codes via web, email, and text message 2-4 hours before the presale begins.
5. Buy tickets without worrying about bots or scalpers

** LPU Members that joined prior to April 21st @ 6pm PST get priority access to the presale **


On mari37 said:

Can't wait to see you guys in WPB! Praying I get meet and greet 🤞🏼

On mikemanusama said:

Double check that that list is correct because I didn't see Atlanta on there. It must be an error. For a world renown band, the only obvious place to perform is Atlanta. We had the olympics so it only makes sense. This place is the best so it should be a definite stop. I will go ahead and contact someone in your camp to replace the Oklahoma City show with Atlanta. That is the only option that makes sense. The only question now is who is going to tell Oklahoma City that their show is being cancelled for Atlanta? That is going to be an awkward conversation to have, but something that definitely needs to be done. Do you guys want to reach out to them or should I? Also, do you think you can also bring Wu-Tang on your bus to Atlanta? That would be a pleasure to see. This is all going to be so great. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to individually read this post and do the right thing. You guys rock - literally.

On jessagosto said:

Came so close to being #2 in CT. Tried so hard to win meet & greet to surprise my daughter. I guess it will have to be next time around

On Mpac197488 said:

Hi. Me and my wife are going to the LPU concert on July 27 at the Xfinity Center. This is my wife's First Ever Concert she going to and it is our Anniversary also that day.Wish I could SURPRISE my wife a Meet and Greet with the band We are HUGE LINKIN PARK FANS ALSO. THANKS FOR THE AWESOME MUSIC YOU GUYS CREATED...

On Mpac197488 said:

Do they have a email where i can send them a fan request? Thanks

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