It's Here: One More Light

It's Here: One More Light

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When we sit in a room together, writing a song, the rest of the world often disappears. We’ll do whatever it takes in service of the music. The six of us are avid listeners and have a lot of opinions. From brainstorms to arguments, wild experiments to meticulous details, we focus an intense amount of energy into each song.

We often compare our process to digging a tunnel. We go underground for months at a time, thrashing around in the dark, looking for something new and unexpected. We have our ideas about where we’re going, but usually, there’s really no telling where we’ll end up until we get there.

One More Light took over a year to make. Each song started with the question, “what do we want to sing about today?” In starting with the content of each song, the album became anchored by our stories. Over the course of the year, our lives took twists and turns, for better and worse. More than ever, the content of our album was shaped by the content of our lives.

And as we “dug the tunnel” of this album, life kept happening. There were celebrations, mistakes, accidents, recoveries. Relationships began and ended; babies were born and people died. We were reminded that, while we’re at the mercy of the world around us, sometimes the only thing we have control over is our reaction.

In a sense, this became the light at the end of our tunnel.

In putting the words first, this album opened its doors to the world outside. One More Light is full of personal stories, and perspectives we’re still figuring out. We dug through our lives as friends, fathers, brothers, and bandmates. Each song is a snapshot in time, crafted with care, shared with the hope that someone listening will find themselves saying, “me too.”

To us, listening is an act of generosity. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you for being part of the Linkin Park community. Welcome to One More Light.

Brad, Chester, Dave, Joe, Mike, and Rob

PS, Please tell your friends! The link to buy / hear the album is — and if you want to use a hashtag, use: #OneMoreLight



On raphaelcoelhodelima said:

In a sense, this became the light at the end of our tunnel... Me too :)

On shoaib_attar said:

This is such an heart touching album.. I loved all the songs and yeah this became the light at the end of our tunnel.. These words are as beautiful as the album is... A Wonderful Job Linkin Park. Love you guys

On hexagonlp said:

Nothing has changed, in the context of you people being as amazing as always. It is great to connect with you as individuals through this album. Thank you.

Also, Rob, sir? Get a social media, please.

On orenabitri said:

Thank you so much for sharing these songs with us. I have been blessed to have known you guys, your music has saved my life, so many times, and when there was nothing to keep me going, when there was no one near me, you were. One More Light is amazing <3

On tasmanff said:

Its the best waking up and could listening OML, the album make me very happy and make me smile! Your evolution or the change music in trying different style make you the best, LinkinPark grown up but also US, as we are not teens anymore we can feel every lyric of your song! Thank you for all the effort that you putt in all albums T.T!
Sorry my bad english

On jlynn1434 said:

I couldn't wait to get up and hear this, you outdid yourselves as always! Rock, rap or pop - the lyrics are always amazing and heartfelt. Love it!!!!! Thank you!!! See you CT......

On mnau said:

It feels like I travel non-stop for my work at times. I don't know how many times I've told my daughters "I'm sorry but you'll understand one day." "Sorry for Now"...WOW.
Hybrid Theory came out when I was in college. I'm different now....LP is as to have music that grows along with me.

On cezar_lp said:

Thanks Again LP for songs like Invisible, OML, Sharp Edges, Sorry For Now, etc. Great Album for people that love music NOT a Genre

On Dagi143 said:

As I listen to every song I can tell the context and the meaning of the songs, and in some of them I can figure out for who or what it was inspired for. An album full of emotions that I can relate in some of them and that have touch my heart and soul. I have always loved your songs and the way all of you all are. Thanks again for giving us another great album!! Congrats on this amazing album!!!

On katekovalets said:

Thanks you for everything you've done.You were with me, when I was at the edge.You're with me now,when I'm happy.You're with me 4ver

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