Open Labs Stagelight Offer

Open Labs Stagelight Offer

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Free Download for LP Street Soldiers: Open Labs - Stagelight CORE

Our partners at Open Labs are giving away free copies of their music app Stagelight CORE with Linkin Park sounds in celebration of Chester’s life.

This limited time offer runs October 31st – November 3rd.

Here’s the steps to follow.

  1. Register with Stagelight HERE and use promo code: WEARELP
  2. Download Stagelight.
  3. Launch the app and enter the in-app store where you can login to verify your registration.
  4. Click the My Stuff tab in the in-app store to download your LP sounds and loops.
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Awesome thank you LINKIN PARK

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Awesome thank you LINKIN PARK

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Aww snap I love linkin park! RIP chester. <3

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