ONE MORE LIGHT FUND | #320ChangesDirection

ONE MORE LIGHT FUND | #320ChangesDirection

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Wishing a happy birthday to our brother Chester today. 

In his honor, we are launching a fundraiser on our Facebook page via Music for Relief’s ONE MORE LIGHT FUND, benefiting 320 Changes Direction, a partnership between Talinda Bennington and The Campaign to Change Direction. The mission is to change how we think and talk about mental health; enabling people who are struggling to seek help and streamlining resources for individuals and families.

Details below on how you can get involved today.

Thank you for your love and support.

We love you Chester. 






Photo: Bojan Hohnjec Studio

On Nihility said:

Happy Birthday, Chester. Thank you for being my hero. Miss you always ❤️ #ChesterForever

On YaNastyuha said:

we miss you, Chester!❤️🙏🏼 #ThankYouChester #MakeChesterProud #ChangeMentalHealth

On aiodensghost said:

I know this is a little late, but Happy Birthday, Chester! You got my friends and I through grim times, and you will continue to do so!! #ThankYouChester #ChangeMentalHealth

On kristonian7 said:

Miss you Chester i know this a little late,but Happy Birthday Chester...........

On anke99 said:

Here is little bit problem for the every one which is a big traffic on the game website and because of this reason it take for the long time after the connectivity.

On leandroguevarra0420 said:

better be late than never HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHESTER we MISS YOU.

On kaligula said:

better be late than never HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHESTER

On mairishah2 said:
On djcluv said:

I really love them so much ever since I was in highschool..

On johnyjackson said:
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