To our brother Chester,

To our brother Chester,

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To our brother Chester,  

It has been a year since your passing—a surreal rotation of grief, heartbreak, refusal, and recognition.  And yet it sill feels like you are close by, surrounding us with your memory and your light.  Your one-of-a-kind spirit has authored an indelible imprint on our hearts—our jokes, our joy, and our tenderness.

Eternally grateful for the love, life, and creative passion you shared with us and the world.  We miss you more than words can express.


M, J, D, R, B

- - - - - - - - - - - -



In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK
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On navlp said:

This is my tribute to Chester. A Year has passed :( Many things have changed but my love for you and LP has not!!! You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. Love you forever my bro!!! :( :( :( <3 <3 <3

My thoughts and my prayers and my support are with you all my LP Soldiers!!! <3 <3 hugs


On missjlutz said:

It's been a year, but seems like just yesterday that you left this life. Your music carried me through many hard times, and helped me with your passing as well. You will never be forgotten, my love for you and LP is as strong as ever!!! As your LP brothers said, you are missed more than words could ever express! Love to you Chester!

On zeguvnor said:

Well legend
Its been a year,but my god how you still live on
The song the shows the memories
Hope your rocking heaven to its core Chester.
Gone but never ever forgotten legend


On princesspumkin310 said:


On susan584 said:

Can't belive it happend last year. We all miss you Chester. Your gonna be never forgotten.
Love you Chester and hope to see later.

On mariaalbert3 said:

it's been a 12 months because your passing—a surreal rotation of grief, heartbreak, refusal, and popularity
. And but it sill looks like you are nearby, surrounding us together with your reminiscence and your mild. Your one-of-a-kind spirit has authored an indelible imprint on our hearts—our jokes, our joy, and our tenderness.

On samanthacramer said:

An year has passed by over the tragic incident of Chester. I remember when the news broke out regarding his suicide i was at my essay champ office and was itching to see the news for myself to confirm it. Sadly, it was not a fake news and chester really did commit suicide. LP can never be the same without him.

On TaraK18 said:

A hole year wow it’s scary how fast time flys my heart hurts for the LP crew Chester is a true gift from god he was and amazing musician that will never be found again but his still with us threw memories and music Chester may not be here in person but forever will be in spirit it’s true LP might not be the same but for the years Chester was here he left an imprint on all of us so thank you for that Chester and thank you to all the LP crew for sharing your talent with us god bless

On martha1188 said:

chester was the heart for LP. I still don't why did he has to die like that :'(

On wickedkatz said:

Can't believe it's been a year, without Chester. I know he was a unique person with a heart for other people, he was an amazing person with the type of influence he had with the rest of the band. I know when I heard about that suicide, I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it. Chester was one of my favorite band members that I looked up to, Linkin Park has been my favorite band since their first song came out on the airwaves. I will miss hearing Chester's voice over and over again but I will never forget what I've learned from Linkin Park's music. Thank you Chester for sharing your talent and Linkin Park for everything you have done

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