LPU Basics Collection

LPU Basics Collection

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This year LPU (Linkin Park Underground) turns 18. It's incredible to look back at all the special moments and connections that have happened all over the world with fans online, at LPU events, and of course at the live shows. Today we are launching a new collection called LPU Basics - a classic assortment of LPU branded merchandise tailored for you, the LP community. For now, there won't be the usual "bundle" for year 18, but each new LPU Basics item is available for purchase in the LPU Store, exclusively for LPU members: https://linkinpark.com/lpu/store

As usual LPU Digital Memberships are available year round for $10 (annually) at http://lpunderground.com - Current members that hold the "LPU 17 Bundle + Membership" will be switched to the standard LPU Digital Membership to reflect your account. If your auto-renew option is turned on, your account will renew as an LPU Digital Membership going forward. You may change your auto-renew status anytime.

To access your auto-renew settings:

- Login to your account and visit: https://linkinpark.com/me
- Click on "Manage Membership” to the left below your profile image.
- There is a button there where you may turn off auto-renew for your membership.

Questions? Email: LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com

Thank you for your continued support,


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I would have love to see a chester dedicated T on the collection as well. Ever since the tragedy happened, the whole Write My Essay band seems lost without him and can't even see the band on the stage and chester not standing within them, that is a very heart reckoning vision.

On benpeck said:

Could you add a hat for larger heads. As there is no size given i assume it won't fit me (size 64 us 8)

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On daniellephillips6 said:

You know what, that is clearly quite cool. I never expected to see anything for LPU this year, so to peer some merch turn out is wonderful.

On charliemendes said:

Now thats a nice collection

On japersico12 said:
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